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Table 3 Association of the South Korean governmental research funds with disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) or web search intensity

From: The relationship between government research funding and the cancer burden in South Korea: implications for prioritising health research

Research funds by types of cancerThe measures of disease burden or public interestCorrelation coefficient (r)P value
Sum of 2005–2007DALYs (2003)0.792< 0.001
Sum of 2008–2010DALYs (2006)0.6100.001
Sum of 2011–2013DALYs (2009)0.6010.001
Sum of 2015–2017DALYs (2013)0.823< 0.001
Change in funding amounts (from 2005 to 2007 to 2015–2017)Change in DALYs (from 1990 to 2006)0.1840.378
Sum of 2005–2007Web Search (2004)0.717< 0.001
Sum of 2008–2010Web Search (2006)0.2610.207
Sum of 2011–2013Web Search (2009)0.748< 0.001
Sum of 2015–2017Web Search (2013)0.5480.005