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Table 4 Average ratings of evidence-informed decision-making skills at pre–post training, immediately after training and at endline

From: Strengthening capacity to use research evidence in health sector policy-making: experience from Kenya and Malawi

Skills/knowledge average ratingKenyaMalawi
 Pre-testPost-test 1EndlinePoint changeaPre-testPost-test 1End linePoint changea
Accessing research, including developing a search strategy and searching for specific information2.784.324.
Defining and developing a policy question2.744.364.081.342.504.574.502.00
Using free databases2.113.934.041.932.504.334.461.96
Using advanced Google searching2.854.114.171.323.274.484.381.11
Appraising evidence2.74.043.751.052.714.434.501.79
Synthesising evidence2.853.823.790.942.644.294.311.67
Applying evidence2.934.
Linking with research institutions and researchers2.263.853.130.872.
Average score2.654.063.901.252.684.384.441.77
  1. aPoint change is calculated for endline scores onlyF[