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Table 1 The 15-item instrument and distribution of the participants’ responses on two occasions (n = 352)

From: Promoting the creation of R&D intentions in primary healthcare measured by a validated instrument

Occasion IOccasion II
Regarding one’s own initiative (direct)
1Read a popular science report198184
2Read the research bulletin270252
3Read information on the Intranet211206
4Read information on the Internet152156
5Attended a scientific seminar190182
6Attended a research conference211205
Heard about somebody who had (indirect)
7Described an R&D project246228
8Read a popular science report163164
9Read the research bulletin172182
10Read information on the Intranet163154
11Read information on the Internet141142
12Attended a scientific seminar154147
13Attended an annual research conference166159
14Participated in an R&D course174161
15Was informed about R&D at the management level162152