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Table 2 Co-developed purpose and aims of inquiry and workshop process

From: Using a ‘rich picture’ to facilitate systems thinking in research coproduction

Purpose of the overarching inquiry (i.e. what do we want to know?):
To identify, describe, visualise and explore the non-technologically oriented processes that are built into and accompany the use of PHIMS. Topics to focus on include the ease and flow of information through the PHIMS system, where and how information is used and by whom, and the function and purpose of different aspects of the PHIMS design. As part of the workshop, participants will surface their assumptions and perceptions (e.g. mental models) regarding how PHIMS exists alongside these processes and, in turn, how these processes reinforce PHIMS use.
Aim of the process (i.e. why are we doing this?): To increase the transparency of the PHIMS system.
Specific goals (i.e. what do we want to accomplish?):
1. Generate shared insight and understanding of PHIMS system as it currently is understood and used by Health Promotion Officers in practice.
2. Present a visual depiction of the PHIMS system as understood via our research, i.e. a ‘systems map’ to be further refined in the workshop setting.
3. Create a space to explore opportunities for quality improvements in practice PHIMS design/use and accompanying non-technological processes.