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Table 1 Details of ISRIA 2017 faculty member organisations interviewed in convenience sample

From: How do organisations implement research impact assessment (RIA) principles and good practice? A narrative review and exploratory study of four international research funding and administrative organisations

Organisation nameOrganisation type and/or remitYear establishedApproximate 2016–17 research spend (UK£ millions equivalent)aWebsiteArea(s) of research spend and/or activity
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research OrganisationFederal government research funder (Australia)1916660, supporting activities themed by societal challenge areas
Alberta InnovatesRegional government research funder (Alberta, Canada)2010 (formerly Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions)175, supporting activities themed by sectoral focus areas
Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of CataloniaRegional government agency specialising in data assessment and analysis (Catalonia, Spain)1991Not applicable (provides analytical and strategic function for regional government research funding) and strategic role, focussing on health and care research, health technology research, health systems, health innovation, and public procurement
Novo Nordisk FoundationIndependent philanthropic foundation with corporate interests1927505 commercial and research activities of Novo Group companies, and provides grants to support scientific, social and humanitarian causes
  1. aConverted into equivalent UK£ at Sept 2018 exchange rates