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Table 2 Top ten actionable policy solutions

From: Stakeholders’ engagement in co-producing policy-relevant knowledge to facilitate employment for persons with developmental disabilities

ThemePolicy solution
Match1. Well-defined role definition
2. Creating awareness and training about disabilities
Entry1. More functional interviews – task based, exercise driven, as opposed to question based
3. Alternative ways to ‘sell yourself’/showcase in interviews beyond traditional models
Support1. Segregation of health benefits and finance benefits within Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)
2. Task analysis and consultation with accommodation specialist
Capacity1. Adopt culture that works toward individual success through flexible expectations; risk-fail culture, reinforce understanding and celebrate ‘failure’
2. Define job/role in quantifiable clear terms based on operational experience not job posting ‘wish list’ in order to set real required standard for job performance and productivity management
Stigma1. Changing perceptions of what disability means, for example, information specific to disability, changing language and understanding
2. ‘Get past charity and give people opportunities’ and ‘Do the right thing – see beyond the stereotype’