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Table 1 Framework for process evaluation: elements, questions and data sources

From: Evaluation of the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group’s systematic review priority-setting project

Element [28] Questions Data sources
Stakeholder engagement 1. Were key stakeholders who might be affected by the choice of review topics, or seek to use the reviews (such as consumers, health professionals and decision-makers) involved effectively in the decision-making process? - Project documents (workshop materials, steering group meeting minutes)
2. Were multiple techniques were used to identify stakeholders? - Workshop feedback survey
3. Were stakeholders offered multiple ways to contribute? - Communication materials (final report, publications)
4. Was CCCG committed to genuine engagement through partnership and empowerment?
5. Were stakeholders satisfied with their level of involvement in the decision-making process?
Use of explicit process 6. Was the priority-setting process pre-determined and made transparent to stakeholders? - Project documents (survey and workshop materials)
7. Were internal and external stakeholders probed for information relevant to priority-setting decisions? - Communication materials (project webpage, final report)
8. Were the methods used to set priorities understandable, transparent and relevant for different stakeholders?
9. Was communication with stakeholders well-coordinated, systematic and well-planned? - Workshop feedback survey
10. Was information about the project communicated effectively using multiple vehicles?
Information management 11. Was information used to set priorities, including sources used and how it was collected and collated, made explicit to those setting priorities? Was it deemed sufficient? - Project documents (survey and workshop materials, steering group meeting minutes)
- Communication materials (publications, project webpage)
Consideration of values and context 12. Was the mission, vision and values of CCCG used to guide priority-setting decisions, and made explicit? - Centre 2019 Year in Review Report
13. Did priority-setting decisions consider CCCG’s strategic directions as a unit? - Project documents (steering group meeting minutes, project plan)
14. Were the (potential) values of stakeholders, both those involved in the project and those not involved, used to guide priority-setting decisions?
- Communication materials (publications, project webpage)
Revision or appeals mechanism 15. Was there a formal mechanism for reviewing decisions, whereby stakeholders could identify failures and errors or contribute new information? - Project documents (workshop materials, steering group meeting minutes)
  1. CCCG Cochrane Consumers and Communication Group