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Table 1 The challenges of health financing system in Iran

From: Assessing progress in the national health financing system towards universal health coverage in Iran: a mixed-method study protocol

Health financing challenges References
Catastrophic costs [1619]
Low level of sustainability [15, 2022]
Deficit and expensive payment system, relied on fee-for-service [15, 2325]
Inadequate share of the public sector in total health expenditures [16]
Fragmentation of revenue sources and pooling [15, 23, 24, 26]
Low level of efficiency [24]
Existence of informal payments [27, 28]
Increased treatment costs [16]
Ineffective strategic purchasing mechanisms [15, 29, 30]
Insufficient redistribution of cross-subsidy between the insurance schemes [15]
Differences between tariffs of public and private services [16]
Poor transparency of financial flow [23, 24]