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Table 2 Number of supported trainees by representative VIGH (VIGH) institutional training grants

From: The V-BRCH Project: building clinical trial research capacity for HIV and noncommunicable diseases in Nigeria

Grant Funding Countries Number of trainees
1. VU-CIDRZ AITRP D43TW001035 (18 years + consistent funding) NIH/FIC Multiple, including Nigeria 93 (masters/doctoral), 300 in-country short course trainees
2. Int. Clinical Res. Scholars and Fellows Support Center (R24TW009337) NIH/FIC Multiple 536 fellows
3. Vanderbilt-Emory Cornell-Duke Consortium for Global Health Fellows (R25TW009337) NIH/FIC Multiple—14 countries 88 fellows
4. Vanderbilt-Emory Cornell-Duke Consortium for Global Health Fellows (D43TW009337) NIH/FIC Multiple, including Nigeria 55 fellows
5. Vanderbilt-Zambia Network for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (D43TW009348) NIH/FIC Zambia 17 fellows
6. University of Guyana MPH Programme CDC Guyana 45 masters students
7. VU-Mozambique Collaborative Research Ethics Education Program (FoCEP, R25TW009722) NIH/FIC Mozambique 2 masters, 151 in-country short course trainees
8. UEM Partnership for Research in Implementation Science Mozambique (PRISM, D43TW009745) NIH/FIC Mozambique 4 masters students, 75 in-country short course trainees
9. UNZA-Vanderbilt Partnership for HIV-Nutritional Research Training (UVP, D43TW009744) NIH/FIC Zambia 11 PhD students, 200 in-country short course trainees
10. Partnership for Research in Emerging Viral Infections-Sierra Leone (PREVSL, D71TW010411) NIH/FIC Sierra Leone N/A
11. Vanderbilt Institute for Research Development and Ethics (VIRDE) VIGH funds Multiple 48 short course trainees
TOTAL    155 Masters/doctoral degrees, 696 fellows,
774 short-course trainees
  1. VU Vanderbilt University, CIDRZ Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia, AITRP AIDS International Training and Research Program, MPH Masters in Public Health, UEM University Eduardo Mondlane, UNZA University of Zambia School of Medicine, NIH National Institutes of Health, CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention