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Table 10 About accountability and performance across funding institutions by case

From: Governance of health research funding institutions: an integrated conceptual framework and actionable functions of governance

Country, institutionActions related to accountability and performance
Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)• Criteria for the selection process of board members online
• Accountable to parliament through the Ministry of Health
• Resignation procedures in by-law
• Regular public reports: annual audit on finance, activities, quintennial review on management and governance
• Stakeholders involvement in review
• Review process of CIHR or its components with an independent international panel
• Online disclosure of reports, expenses, law and by-laws
• Online composition and terms of reference for committees
• CIHR code of ethics
• Limitation of consecutive mandates
• Regular reports on performance (CIHR audits, CIHR reviews, programme evaluations)
• Online decisions about the attribution of grants and committee members
• Planned performance indicators mentioned in roadmap
Australia, National Health and Medical Research Agency (NHMRC)• Report on annual performance reached with a set of targets
• Proceedings of agency meetings online
• Commissioner of complaints
• Online list of names of members of committees
• Internal audit committee
• Emphasis on integrity as an objective of strategic direction 2015–2019, and as a central activity of NHMRC in providing standards and guidelines
United States, National Institutes of Health (NIH)• Online diffusion to the public (news radio, public lecture, free film festival)
• Develop methodology to evaluate scientific investment
• Plans for review of peer-review process, administrative burdens
• Series of initiatives to enhance conduct of science
Singapore, National Medical Research Agency (NMRC)• Annual report with financial data, projects and individuals funded
• Internal procedures and activities not online
Sweden, Swedish Research Agency (SRC) and Scientific Council for Medicine (SCM)• SRC investigates fraud in attribution of funding and manipulation of science results
• Sweden and international reviewers on peer-review grant applications
• Online policies and SRC viewpoints
• Online decisions about the attribution of grants
United Kingdom, National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)• Duty of Secretary of State for Health, NHS commissioning board, clinical commissioning groups in respect of research are written in Health and Social Care Act 2012
• Terms of reference and memberships of advisory board are online
• Terms of reference and membership of strategy board available online
• Relationships between research and improved quality of care to be reported based on an illustrative model statement
• Results of training competition are online
• Funding to NHS service providers have been conditional to professional management of health research since 2012
• Agenda and minutes of advisory board are online
• Publication of NIHR-funded recipients online
• NIHR benchmarking of recipients of clinical studies
• Plan to publish NIHR trusts-level performance comparisons
The Netherlands, The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)• A retiree leads each programme committee
• List of committee members – not available
• List of grantees – not available
• Evaluation reports online