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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies retrieved in searches and with additional purposive sampling

From: Supporting the use of research evidence in decision-making in crisis zones in low- and middle-income countries: a critical interpretive synthesis

YearCountry/region of focusHazard typeCrisisReference
2002Democratic Republic of CongoMan-made hazardRefugee crisis[30]
2005Southeast AsiaNatural hazardTsunami[31]
2005GrenadaNatural hazardHurricane[32]
2008Southeast Asia & ChinaNatural hazardTsunami, earthquake[33]
2009LMICsMan-made hazardArmed conflicts[34]
2010Southeast AsiaNatural hazardTsunami[35]
2011LMICsMan-made and natural hazardsMultiple[36]
2012Southeast AsiaNatural hazardTsunami[37]
2012Peru, Uganda, NepalMan-made and natural hazardsPeru: Earthquake, tsunami, Uganda: Armed conflict, Nepal: Floods, refugee crisis, armed insurgency[38]
2014HaitiNatural hazardEarthquake[39]
2014LMICsNatural hazardEarthquakes, fires, and floods[40]
2014LMICsMan-made and natural disastersMultiple[41]
2014LMICsMan-made and natural disastersNatural disaster, industrial disaster, chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear, conflict, terrorism, civil disturbance, outbreaks, epidemics, pandemics, major transport accidents, generic, multiple, other[42]
2014IndiaNatural hazardEarthquakes, drought, cyclone, tsunami[43]
2015Southeast AsiaNatural hazardTsunami[44]
2015IndiaNatural hazardFlu pandemic[45]
2015Southeast AsiaNatural hazardTsunami[46]
2015Pakistan & HaitiNatural hazardFloods, earthquake[47]
2015ZimbabweNatural hazarddroughts[48]
2015LMICsMan-made hazardTsunami, refugee crisis[49]
2015South AfricaNatural hazardFloods, wildfires, droughts, storm waves[50]
2016East AfricaMan-made and natural disastersConflict, draught, famine, internally displaced person, and refugee crisis[51]
2016NepalNatural hazardLightning strikes, floods, earthquakes and landslides[52]
2016South AfricaNatural hazardFloods, droughts, storm waves and wildfires[53]
2016LMICsMan-made hazardFragile and conflict-affected states[54]
2017LMICsMan-made and natural hazardsArmed conflicts and natural disasters[1]
2017LMICsMan-made hazardFragile and conflict-affected states[55]