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Fig. 1

From: Improving the validity, relevance and feasibility of the continuum of care framework for maternal health in South Africa: a thematic analysis of experts’ perspectives

Fig. 1

Continuum of care framework for maternal and child health in South Africa. The figure shows the packages of interventions necessary for provision to mothers over time and place. The vertical dimension is place, which ranges from family and community level to regional hospital. The horizontal dimension is time, which ranges from pre-pregnancy to childhood. Each place dimension is colour coded differently to highlight interventions needed at that level over time. Also crucial to the continuum of care are connecting the vertical levels of caregiving (place) and connecting caregiving over the lifecycle (time). The interventions outlined for each level come from evidence-based guidelines and were decided consultatively for the South African government by the relevant health, scientific and development bodies stated on the report. Fig. 1 is reproduced from a publicly available government report [7]. There are no permissions required to reproduce figures and tables produced by the National Department of Health and made available in public reports

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