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Table 4 Recommendations for future VAPAR learning-and-action cycles

From: Collective reflections on the first cycle of a collaborative learning platform to strengthen rural primary healthcare in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Recommended by Recommendation
Government, NGO and community stakeholders participating in individual discussions Include local municipal managers during all stages of prospective action-learning cycles
Convene stakeholders at the end of each VAPAR cycle for collective reflection and learning
Provincial DOH workshop participants PHC clinic operational managers and CHWs to be included at all stages of the next action-learning cycle of the programme, with a focus on skills exchange
VAPAR representatives to participate in routine district and subdistrict planning and reporting processes, including development of the district health plan and quarterly performance review
Alignment/integration of VAPAR programme into existing health structures at critical levels of engagement, primarily at household/community (CHW/ward-based primary healthcare outreach team) and subdistrict (clinic operational managers, PHC supervisors) level
Focus on community participation and contemporary priorities—support strengthening the management model of PHC facility manager, and consider other programmatic priorities such as adolescent and mental health
National workshop participants Refinement of VA with regard to place of death/circumstances of mortality construct
Continued engagement with CoMMiC to report on progress and inform future development/application and feeding up into national learning