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Table 2 Stage 3: TMF consensus review criteria based on T-CaST framework

From: The usability and applicability of knowledge translation theories, models, and frameworks for research in the context of a national health service

Criteria Rating (0—3) Additional comments
Acceptability: TMF is for health service use (include consideration of the extent of use)   
Relevance: relevant to knowledge, dissemination and impact (with impact as less priority in this context)   
Usability and acceptability: TMF that can be understood, applied and operationalized in the Irish Health Service   
Usability and acceptability: the TMF has a clear and useful figure depicting included constructs and relationships among them   
Usability and acceptability: the TMF provides a step by step approach for applying it   
Usability and acceptability: the TMF provides methods for promoting implementation in practice   
Validated: the TMF is supported by empirical data   
Applicability: addresses a relevant analytic level; generalizable to relevant populations and/or conditions   
Final decision to include or exclude: 0 = poor fit; 1 = moderate fit; 2 = good fit; 3 = very good fit   
  1. A rating of “0” or “1” for any criteria means the final decision should be exclude but there may be exceptions to this—if so, please specify rationale in “additional comments”