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Table 6 Group analysis of the frameworks

From: The usability and applicability of knowledge translation theories, models, and frameworks for research in the context of a national health service

EMTReK EPIS Iowa KTA PARIHS PRISM Barwick planning tool
Good for dissemination for completed research but not for continuum
Useful for research design from perspective of dissemination
Not useful for implementation
Missing prioritization
Widely used in different settings
Focuses on implementation stages
Has its own jargon
Terminology not clear
Suitable for quality improvement projects/specific use
Change management style
Addresses needs and priorities
Good for quality improvement projects
Focuses on implementation
Widely used, range of stakeholders
Engagement with stakeholders not clear
Cycle—all stages
Easy to follow but needs guidance on use
Specifics missing
Widely used, suitable for clinical settings
Resource-intensive—needs facilitators
More for implementation
Transferable for different disciplines
Contains good components
Addresses continuum and sustainability
Includes patients/stakeholders
Useful for design, dissemination, and implementation
Has practical orientation
Does not focus on Knowledge Exchange
Useful and practical for researchers
Concentrates on KT
Focuses on design, not on implementation
Great tool but not a TMF