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Table 2 Interest, influence, and position of stakeholders

From: Pharmaceutical subsidy policy in Iran: a qualitative stakeholder analysis

Actor/stakeholder Interest Influence/power Position
General population Low Low Neutral
Iranian Parliament Moderate High Moderate support
Government High High High support
Planning and Budget Organization High High High support
Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME) Moderate High High support
Special Diseases Department in the MoHME Low Moderate Low support
Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare Low Low Neutral
Iran Food and Drug Administration High High High support
Health insurance organizations    
 Social Security Organization Low Moderate High support
 Iran Health Insurance Organization Low Moderate Moderate support
 Other Health Insurance Organizations Low Moderate Neutral
Scientific associations Low Low Neutral
Support associations High Moderate Moderate support
Charity Foundation for Special Diseases High Moderate Moderate support
Media Low High Neutral
Central Bank of Iran Moderate High Moderate support
Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade Low Moderate Low support
Pharmaceutical industry    
 Manufacturers Moderate Moderate Opposition
 Importers High Moderate Moderate support
 Distributors and exporters Low Low Neutral
Customs Administration Low Low Low support