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Table 8 Recommended metrics for further research in evaluating prescriptive authority efficacy

From: Use of research evidence varied in efforts to expand specific pharmacist autonomous prescriptive authority: an evaluation and recommendations to increase research utilization

Metrics Example quotes
Demographic data on impacted populations “So I definitely think interviewing the impacted populations and, you know, getting as much data [as] you can on the population that you're servicing and your service area community.”
“But I think at this point it is a lot of state research, there are a number of states that are doing naloxone so I suggest they see what other states are doing now and what their demographics are.”
Usage of pharmacist prescribing practices “…then if it is passed, did it have its intended effects as measured by outcome studies and in that process demand, you know, what are the key outcome measurements that we need to track over time.”
“And what is the referral rate…physicians are very worried about fragmented care.”
“…one of the common questions… is like, well, if that state did it, how did it turn out? And so we need more post-data collection…because so many times we're like, was it successful? How many did we prescribe, and how did it change things?”
Cost and payment “proving of… their ability to potentially save the healthcare system dollars is something that I think is instrumental, you know”
“I think for pharmacist uptake research around payment…”
Workflow evaluations “Are there any safety considerations or reports to the board about any issues related to pharmacists prescribing?”