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Table 2 Cost comparison between ECHO-ONMH and an in-person Toronto-based conference

From: Describing implementation outcomes for a virtual community of practice: The ECHO Ontario Mental Health experience

Factors Conference in Toronto ECHO-ONMH Notes for calculations
Total participants 408 408 408 total ECHO participants across four cycles (i.e. attended ≥ 1 session)
Same number of participants used in order to compare two cases appropriately
Total registration cost per person $2222.64 N/A Average registration cost per CME conference hour per person = $30.87; $30.87/h × 72 h = $2222.64 for 72 h of conference CME
No registration cost for ECHO-ONMH
Total average cost of travel per person $442.81 N/A Average cost estimated by taking total distance from participant organization site to and from Toronto, reimbursed at $0.41/Km
Total average cost for accommodations per person $2700.00 N/A $300/night × 9 nights = $2700 for hotel cost
No hotel cost for ECHO-ONMH
Total cost of video camera per person N/A $53.13 Logitech video camera with built-in mic: $39.99 USD = $53.13 CAD (converted 23 June 2020) as per product page on Logitech website at time of writing
No video camera needed for conference
Total operational/admin programme cost per person N/A $3528.00 Total programme cost per CME hour (as per programme funding agreement) = $360,429/72 h = $5005.95
Average of 102 people per session = $49 per CME hour
$49/h × 72 total CME hours per person = $3528
Our assumption is that programme cost for conferences is built into the cost that the participant pays for registrations so it was not applicable in this line
Total cost for 72 CME hours per person $5365.45 $3581.00 $1784 difference in cost per person, per year
Total cost per CME hour $75.00 $50 $25 difference per CME hour
Total cost all participants $2,189,104 $1,461,048 Total cost savings per 408-attendee CME learning programme = $728,056