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Table 2 Categories for data extraction (detailed theoretical reasoning provided in Additional file 2: Appendix 2, Table A.2.1)

From: Sugar-sweetened beverage tax implementation processes: results of a scoping review

Category Data extracted
Technical details about the paper Author, country, year, field, administrative level
  Study design
  Framework/theoretical approach mentioned
Policy context Date of enactment, revision, termination
  Information about development/agenda-setting process (pre-implementation context)
  Aim of the policy
  Reasons for the policy
Instrument description Type of tax
  Products covered
  Instruments/instrument mix used (communicative, regulatory, economic)
One vs bundle of instruments
Implementation process Events mentioned
  Target group behaviour requirement
  Description and relationship of actors (types of organizations involved, positions of the actors, power and hierarchical dependencies)
  Organization of the implementation process
Other Any further variables reported