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Table 1 Scoping review inclusion criteria

From: Co-production practice and future research priorities in United Kingdom-funded applied health research: a scoping review

Inclusion criteria Definition Synonyms and search terms
Participants Any stakeholders involved in applied health research (e.g. researchers, patients, public) Health research, applied health researcha, health, healthcare, health care, complex health intervention researchb
Intervention Co-production approach or methodology Co-production, co-produc*, co-design, co-creation, co-creat*, co-evaluation, co-evaluat*
Context United Kingdom literature: research conducted in or relevant to United Kingdom context (e.g. systematic reviews that included studies conducted in the United Kingdom) Limit = United Kingdom
Outcomes Definitions, typologies or conceptualization of co-production
Key outcomes (conceptual, methodological, impact, health, experiential)
Research implications
Type of literature Any type of published literature including systematic reviews, literature reviews, empirical research (evaluations of co-production or co-produced intervention research), guidelines, opinion or comment pieces  
Language English language only Limit = English language
Date limits From 2010 onwards, when “co-production” started to appear in the health literature Limit to year = “2010–2020”
Subsequently limited to 2018–2020 given the large number of hits from initial searches
  1. aApplied health research aims to address the immediate issues facing the health and social care system, bringing research evidence into practice and influencing policy
  2. bInterventions with multiple behavioural, technological and organizational interacting components and nonlinear causal pathways and components that act independently or interdependently