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Table 1 Remote health facility1 locations according to the presidential and CBS definitions

From: A critical review of definitions of rural areas in Indonesia and implications for health workforce policy and research

CBS definition2 Presidential definition3 Total
More developed district Less developed district
Urban villages 144 51 195
Rural villages 1325 984 2309
Subtotal 1469 1035 2504
  1. Source of data: MoH, 2018
  2. 1According to MoH letter DG.01.01/II/1979/2018. All of the remote health facilities were owned by the government (Puskesmas)
  3. 2According to the Head of CBS Regulation 37/2010, 67,602 villages were classified as rural and 16,329 urban in 2018
  4. 3According to Presidential Regulation 131/2015, 122 districts are considered less developed and 392 as more developed in 2018