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Table 2 Responsibilities, skills and attributes for engaging expert clinicians as novice researchers

From: Research capacity-building for clinicians: understanding how the research facilitator role fosters clinicians’ engagement in the research process

Responsibilities Skills Attributes
• Assess the needs of each research team and the group as a whole
• Manage multiple research groups
• Assess understanding of the weekly topic and develop the topic
• Check for misunderstandings
• Facilitate conversation in a safe space
• Make material relatable on a professional and personal level
• Encourage reciprocity of learning between the different participants
• Provide written examples, exercises, extra resources, homework
• Work with research emotions of the clinicians
• Listen to clinicians as to what they want to do rather than impose own bias
• Keep the enthusiasm for research
• Instil confidence
• Get to know participants personally and how they react to certain questions and content to support them accordingly
• Work with negative emotions and emotional reactions to research
• Break down professional hierarchies if applicable
• Motivational interview to help clinicians clarify a clinical problem into a research question
• Using the collective wisdom of the group
• Being able to see deficits in learning and learning needs
• Good understanding of adult learning concepts—content delivered in easily digestible ways
• Outstanding communication skills
• Active listening
• Looking and observing
• Clinician background of research facilitators can be useful
• Allowing everyone to have a voice
• Understanding communication cues
• Developing rapport
• Organizational skills to manage multiple projects, time management
• Open mind
• Being adaptable—absorb information quickly
• Being aware of own biases and ensuring that they don’t interfere (e.g. spending more time with groups with shared topic expertise)
• Transparency and authenticity to meet the clinicians’ expectations
• Enthusiastic approach
• Being approachable