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Table 4 Ranked policy implications of our research findings (Focus 1)

From: Enhancing the capacity of the mental health and substance use health workforce to meet population needs: insights from a facilitated virtual policy dialogue

Rank Item Votes
1a Develop a more diverse and culturally competent workforce 31
1a Create environments that prevent MHSUH workforce burnout 31
2 Collect comprehensive MHSUH workforce data, stratified by race, ethnicity, gender, etc. 26
3 Invest in training, recruitment and regulation 25
4a Achieve funding parity between MHSUH and physical health services 22
4a Communicate the need to strengthen MHSUH workforce capacity in response to the pandemic 22
5 Optimize the mix of virtual and in-person delivery to broaden reach 21
6 Create better policy on interface between public and private sectors 16
7a Remove barriers to inter-provincial mobility 15
7a Value contributions of different roles with the MHSUH workforce, including peer support 15
  1. aTie in ranking with another item