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Table 5 Ranked action items based on policy implications (Focus 2)

From: Enhancing the capacity of the mental health and substance use health workforce to meet population needs: insights from a facilitated virtual policy dialogue

Rank Item Votes
1 Provide full public funding for MHSUH care, including preventative care and care that addresses inequities 27
2 Collect standardized MHSUH workforce data, including demographic data 26
3 Develop competencies and tools for culturally appropriate services 24
4 Generate better MHSUH workforce data, including unregulated providers, with a focus on sex/gender, racial and other equity demographics 21
5 Manage burnout through support, remuneration and integrated care models 20
6 Increase supply through training, remuneration and recruiting for diversity 16
7 Remove regulatory barriers to improve access to quality MHSUH services 14
8a Increase support for community-led interventions 12
8a Adopt promising practices 12
9 Adopt psychological health and safety standards for the MHSUH workforce 11
  1. aTie in ranking with another item